amiranatsheh | Side Project: Blankets & Comfy Stuff
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Side Project: Blankets & Comfy Stuff

This project is for a course called “Graphic Objects.”

The main idea is to:

  • Use fabric
  • Print/draw/paint on fabric
  • Make it “graphic”
  • Have a concept
  • Make it look pretty

. . .

So, while trying to relate it to my thesis topic [well-being], I got the idea of printing things that contribute to our overall well-being on fabric and make blankets out of them!

Before this idea there were ideas of printing images of things that make us unwell on a scarf to support the idea of “being strangled” by that thing.

. . .

A few weeks later

  1. Money blanket: an enlarged partial scan of a QR 500 bill (the largest bill) printed on fabric. This is to indicate financial well-being bringing us comfort. (This was slightly influenced by the survey that I’ve done for my thesis).
  2. Plant blanket: an enlarged photograph of leaves, digitally manipulated (tritone), printed in shades of green. There are studies showing that people feel better when seeing the color green, or more specifically, seeing nature around them.
  3. Internet Craze: a collection of screenshots of crazy YouTube videos piled up and printed as a pillow case. Watching crazy videos, especially those that make you laugh, helps in fostering your well-being by providing an escape from reality.
    Some people agree, read up on it: link 1, link 2, link 3, and more to discover.


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