amiranatsheh | Research: Pleasure vs. Enjoyment
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Key words:

enjoyment / pleasure / flow / happiness / Csikszentmihalyi



  • Pleasurable experiences do not provide us with growth.
  • Examples of pleasurable experiences: sleeping in, eating junk food, etc.
  • Enjoyment: is a “forward movement: a sense of novelty, of accomplishment.”
  • Enjoyment is when you do something that challenges your skills: adding extra reps to your exercise, writing a 2000 word article, beating previous records, learning a new skill, engaging in deep conversation that is on your level or above, etc.
  • “We may not equate enjoyable things with fun at the time.”
  • Important paragraph in the article pulled from the book “Flow” under the heading “Fulfilment, True Happiness & Entering the State of Flow.”
  • Important check list in the article for describing an enjoyable experience.



I think this makes a lot of sense now as I look back at the activities that I do on a daily basis. Some are enjoyable, like exercise; I enjoy it after I’m done and I remember it as “fun.” While other activities, like binging on tv series are pleasurable; I feel good in the moment, but then it seems like a waste of time and that can make me feel really bad afterwards. I wonder what others do in their leisure time and how they feel about it. Are people who participate in enjoyable activities happier with their lives than others who don’t?


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