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Precedent: The Sad Ghost Club

This is an Instagram account created by a small group of people.

> The Sad Ghost Club Instagram account

“We’re a small creative project making comic books, apparel and merchandise to spread positive awareness of mental health.”

> Website 

Using the word “positive” before “awareness” would have never crossed my mind. I think tt’s actually a very well articulated thought. Their posts are like little reminders about these sad thoughts being normal. It’s great. But lately it seems like they started focusing more on¬†posting photos of the merchandise than the illustrations that have meaningful insight.

What I like about them is that they don’t try to pack a ton of meaning into their posts. If the account was a person, a friend, it would be the kind of friend who is just there, by your side. Not the kind that is constantly trying to fix your mood or give you inspirational speeches. I want to keep this approach in mind as I work on my thesis projects.

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