amiranatsheh | Precedent: “I Had A Black Dog: His Name Was Depression”
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Precedent: “I Had A Black Dog: His Name Was Depression”

Book by Matthew Johnstone.
Published in 2005.

This is an illustrated book about depression. It beautifully personifies the mental condition and makes it tangible and visible for us. To me, that is a very inspiring way of clarifying a concept that is very real but can’t be seen.

As Laura Green (our student counsellor at VCUQatar) said, it not only makes the intangible tangible, but it also takes it out of the self and indirectly shows us that there’s more to a person than his/her depression.

I want to do something that is similar. A book that has a character who is curious about what is happening inside him/herself in terms of well-being. I want to show people a way in which they could reflect upon their own living.

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