amiranatsheh | Beneath the Surface: the Value of Deep Thinking
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Exhibition wall:

This was a four-months-long project, in which I had to choose a topic I was interested in, and had to research it for the first month. The rest of the time was spent on three projects that relate to the main topic but use different mediums.The images below were taken of the exhibition wall that I designed and created to exhibit my three project outcomes.


Creative Blocks:

This is my second project that was based on making a 3-dimensional product that fosters the concept of deep-thinking. This project was mainly aimed at children between ages 6–9, however, it is not limited to that age group. Originally, the concept was to allow visual equations to take place for formal or conceptual growth, yet, there are several different ways one could play with the blocks that could lead to one’s creative development.


Patterns of Thought:

This is a large mind-map placed on the wall around a water dispenser. Each main thought or question about the water dispenser is in a square or a circle that, then, generates more links to other questions or concepts. As you may see in the images below, each pattern and base color is linked to a certain style of thinking. When some of these styles overlap, the patterns do so as well. The aim is to raise awareness about how complex and meaningful deep-thinking can be.


Think. Application:

Ever had a brilliant thought or idea that you forgot because you never wrote it down or you lost the piece of paper it was on? This application is designed to organize your thoughts and lay them out for you in a way you haven’t seen before. Imagine typing up a note, tagging it with a few topics, then watching the thought bubbles connect to each other based on their tags. This app allows you to track your most thought-about topics and lets you add pictures and sound recordings.