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Let’s Get Started!

First of all, welcome to my blog!

And now let me introduce you to my thesis topic(s). There’s one main topic that I’ve chosen to start working on, and three extra topics just in case the first one didn’t work out. I’ll present each topic with a word, a sentence, and a short paragraph (these are temporary rough drafts).

Topic 1

Well-being & Cognition

The human mind is a very mysterious space that is worth exploring in terms of cognition and well-being.

Through observation and research, I noticed that a lot of people struggle with keeping their actions aligned with the set of morals that they have established for themselves. Deviating from what you say you believe in could not only put you into an uncomfortably confusing situation, but could also affect your overall view of yourself. This dilemma could result in a general sense of ill-being which may have a great impact on your daily life.

Topic 2


When we are not feeling well, emotionally, physically, or mentally, we are demotivated and less productive.

What would happen if we used our demotivation as a tool for productivity? How could we re-wire the system for our benefit? What are the environmental and social factors that foster ill-being?

Topic 3


Constant cognitive activity becomes an issue to some people, but there are ways to shut it down.

How can we turn off our minds when they start accelerating in the worst possible times? What are ways in which techniques to stop cognition are used in every day life? How does that affect us in terms of decision-making and harmonious living?

Topic 4


The memory is a phenomenon that many of us don’t understand or rather misunderstand.

We constantly reconstruct our memories and combine them with assumptions that we have about past events, is this beneficial to us humans? Or would it be better if we had a clear factual type of documentation of the past? What is the reality of memories, how does this phenomenon occur and what is its value?


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