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Investigation: Survey About Well-being

I know from past experiences that surveys don’t work out for me, but they tend to give me a little spark in the form of a thought, data, or a question.

That was the main reason why I conducted the survey. This was considered as my first project!

> Check out the survey here


In general, people defined well-being using various different terms, but they have similar ways of coping with ill-being. And even though they used different terms associated with well-being, they mostly fall under the category of Psychological state.

See the diagram above to see some of the results for the first question.


  • Some people didn’t understand well-being the way I wanted them to. I need to define it for them.
  • I didn’t consider “Financial Pressure” as a possible category that can cause ill-being in the first draft of my survey. Yes, there was a first draft that developed a little bit into the current one.


Future of this investigation:

I was supposed to use these survey answers to make infographics of some sort. Which later morphed into the plan of making an If-Then chart about different psychological states of ill-being. I tried doing that, but the number of questions that came up was overwhelming and I realized that I may fall into the trap of labelling people’s feelings. Not good.

So, scratch that idea. I made up some new goals for my second project.

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