amiranatsheh | Investigation: Observing an Aspect of Daily Living
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Investigation: Observing an Aspect of Daily Living

In the Well-being and Happiness course, we were asked to choose one aspect of living to observe on ourselves for a few days.

I chose to observe and record how many times a day I think about work. By work, I mean anything that is academic or paid work, including replying to emails. I chose this aspect because I think that constantly thinking about the work that I need to be doing and finishing creates a lot of pressure that translates into a lot of anxiety. I will not only be feeling like I’m falling behind, failing at finishing the work, but also failing at sticking to a plan, and failing to discipline and motivate myself. Which is something that we are expected to be able to do as senior university students.

[See the diagram above]

The red number on the far right side are ratings of how well I felt that day (10 being the most ‘happy/well’, and 0 being the most ‘unwell’).

What I noticed is that when I planned to work, but ended up procrastinating, I thought about work way more often than in the times where I planned not to work and was having ‘fun’. Perhaps the way to respond to this is to not plan work hours, but just let it happen organically, and to make sure I plan my leisure/social times.

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